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Obsessed Christians will stop at NOTHING to STOP Lady Gaga from coming to SA

With over 55,203,600 fans on facebook and 28, 872, 872 followers on twitter there are people who still believe they have power to stop @ladygaga from coming to SA. I really pity them. Early in June when it was announced that mother monster is coming to SA thousands of people couldn’t wait to get their tickets at computicket and on Wednesday on the same week when tickets were available for the public to purchase, @computicket reported that they are processing over 30 000 online tickets sales per hour. Few hours later @5FM announced that Christians are protesting against @ladygaga coming to entertain her fans in South Africa because they believe she is satanic, they went as far as creating a group on facebook which had little success and was closed down within a blink of an eye.
"For those of you who didn't pay for their tickets, I want my money back"- She said (Madison Squre Garden, Monster Ball Tour)    Yesterday Sunday Sun reported that Christians are at it AGAIN…

Drag Queens Lip Sync For Their Lives On VUZUTV

If you haven't watch #RuPaul’sDragRace I can proudly say, you are missing out on a great show. When I first heard of the show it was back in 2010 from a friend of mine in Cape Town who had season 2 and gave me a copy. When I first watched it, I was sold! The drag queens on that competition know their story and it stunning! I made sure most of my friends watch the show too and YES they liked it. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a reality show on drag queens competing for the Americas Next Drag Super Star title hosted by the famous drag queen in the US RuPaul.  

Last month when @vuzutv on DSTV channel 123 announced that they will be showing season 1 to season 3 I was so excited so is everyone who has DSTV at home tweeted “I can’t wait to watch drag queens on mzansi screens, it’s long overdue.’’ Then the show premiered, I don’t know when the last time person was got this excited about a new TV show, it was the new best thing on TV and still is. However, I was not shocked, @vuzutv usually …

Bonang Matheba, she is leaving the show that made her famous!

The famous superstar Bonang Matheba is reported to be leaving the music show that airs on SABC1 every Friday at 21h00 “LIVE” with over 7 million fans who watches it mostly because they love Miss B* Bonang’s public broadcast came as a shock to her bosses who are arranging a show especially for Bonang to keep her on the channel. After Bonang was asked for commemts if she is leaving the show, she said “There is still a lot to consider and I will keep you posted tomorrow, obviously there is a new launch for the show. I don’t know what the future holds.” While another insider confirmed that Bonang will be leaving the show and might be joining MTV Base. SABC officials are reported to be very disappointed by Bonang’s decision as they feel they groomed Bonang and if it wasn’t for LIVE she wouldn’t have been the superstar she is today. Bonang Matheba - Glamour Magazine Columnist, Actress, TV Presenter
Bonang confirmed last week on the leading entertainment news tv show @VEntertainment that she …

My SA Idols Top 10 Review

Twitter & Facebook have been buzzing with updates about SA Idols Top 10 Finalists, some people are happy with the results and the majority is definatetly not. The question is, did you vote for the deserving to stay in the competition? Here is my review about the Top 10 and your tweets & facebook comments about your favourites and who you think shouldnt have made the cut.
                                                                                            SA Idols Top 10 Finalists
Dominic – Lord knows this dude was not even supposed to be on the Top 10 from the beginning, he sounds terrible and he’s a wooden mic contender if you were to compare him to his competition, I do hope South Africa will make a wise decision and send him home because he doesn’t deserve the Top7 spot he’s in. It's clear people vote for the face/colour not talent. Really disappointed, in his spot I would have put Dumi or Trevor.
Twitter: @carolinenyokong: #IdolsSA @IdolsSA I think Madonsela and…

Fashion By The Sea 2012

Interview with Sim Shabalala of Lifestyle Oasis/Black Inc Events on FASHION BY THE SEA: 21st May-1st June 2012

Fashion By The Sea is one of the biggest fashion events in SA staged by Lifestyle Oasis, showcasing designs by local designers and well known designers such as Zama of Zarth, DAVID Tlale, Gavin Raja and many more. I attended this event and YES, I can proudly say that what you call CAMERA, LIGHTS, FASHION! Stunning! Read what Sim Shabalala had to say.
1. Fashion by the sea, when was it founded and how long has it been running for? It was conceptualised a few  years back but started in 2011
2. What the inspiration to host this event? Durban’s Iconic landmarks and the need to celebrate local creativity
3. Why at the pier? How more iconic a location could you find? Something that would set this apart from all other fashion shows, and make it a fashion experience
4. What your vision/mission of fashion by the sea? Support and nurture local talent whilst growing the event into an all-en…

JUNE Column - EXIT

For the past two years Durban has not been the most entertaining City when it comes to the LGBTI events, whilst JHB and Cape Town was known to be the best on putting great shows such as PRIDE and beauty pageants that got audiences talking.
Last year in June Durban hosted a comeback event ‘DURBAN PRIDE, I Am’ to shine again and put Durbanites back on the map. ‘DURBAN PRIDE’ was a weeklong festival with different entertaining events such as Miss Durban Pride and The KZN LGBTI Fashion Show which after them being such a success, they will be held again this year end of June. Regardless of the results by the judges, a few of the queens realized their potential performing in pageants and other competitions and took a big step forward to realize other opportunities in the entertainment industry. One of the finalists for Miss Durban Pride and Miss Gay Durban 2011, Diva Cadach in the picture, who has it all a queen ever dreams of to make it through but never wins any pageants she participates …