My SA Idols Top 10 Review

Twitter & Facebook have been buzzing with updates about SA Idols Top 10 Finalists, some people are happy with the results and the majority is definatetly not. The question is, did you vote for the deserving to stay in the competition? Here is my review about the Top 10 and your tweets & facebook comments about your favourites and who you think shouldnt have made the cut.

                                                                                            SA Idols Top 10 Finalists

Dominic – Lord knows this dude was not even supposed to be on the Top 10 from the beginning, he sounds terrible and he’s a wooden mic contender if you were to compare him to his competition, I do hope South Africa will make a wise decision and send him home because he doesn’t deserve the Top7 spot he’s in. It's clear people vote for the face/colour not talent. Really disappointed, in his spot I would have put Dumi or Trevor.

Twitter: @carolinenyokong: #IdolsSA @IdolsSA I think Madonsela and the Hawks must start to do the investigation on how Dom survive the trip to home(voted out)..????#

@thabang_serake: RT @M_ipsy: Whoever is voting for Dominic is seriously Deaf!!! This kid CAN'T sing! #idolsSa
Melissa – She’s a great performer, with a good voice but she still need to work, for me honestly, she’ve  only impressed me with her Rihanna performance and Gabriel, I must commend her though for being able to pull off a great performance with Gabriel, it a difficult song but Melissa babbe, I don’t see you as an Idol. I’m sorry.

Twitter: @matthewnepgen: @MeliAlli still can't get over how brilliant the performance of 'Gabriel' was!! Best song I've ever heard sung on #IdolsSA

@mclastdarkchild: @IdolsSA Melissa has that High School Musical look and voice. They should consider her for a row in the scope. #IdolsSA_Melissa
Obakeng – Oh, my favorite boy, I thought he was cute with a great voice, can make good music but I don’t think Idols was what he needed to do, although I feel he was better than  Melissa and Dominic, I still don’t believe SA sent him home before at such an early stage. I do hope he will do something and release an album soon before we forget about him. He did not stand out in a competition and was easily forgorten. Even on twitter, not many people tweete about him as they would do with his peers.

Facebook: Debbie Dutton Bad luck Obakeng - don't think it was your best show last week, BUT I sure thought you were better than Dom and Melissa. Be proud though - you are still a TOP 10 idol and you can still use this to boost your career. All the best for your musical future, may it be a successful one!

Connie Koahela Baks, u r such an amazing person. 4 u I dedicate a song 2 u by Mary Mary : Can't giv up nw. Plz
listen carefully 2 de lyrics. Only God knws y. So proud of u. I min u made it 2 top 10. Dats an achievement indeed.

Nosipho – A farm girl who loves to sing, Nosipho was one of my favorites in the competition, she could sing and perform. She knew her audience and what they want. Pity South Africa thought Dominic & Chloe were better than her. We love you Nosipho xxx. If it was for me she would have been still in the competition.

Twittre: RT @imanyere: Little too late. Nosipho needed the votes last week RT @dumigwebu: Blacks are no fools this year siyaVota congratulations to Monde. #idolsSA

Facebook: Ntebu Mthi Nosipho sisi ungadubali. Winning Idols alone does not guarantee anyone their singing performance destiny. Try to persue your singing further coz you have what it takes to make it successful in the industry notwithstanding you being out of the competition. Good luck further and yes those who have a musical ear will support you all the way.
Chloe – Such a talented girl in the wrong competition, I say wrong because people sent Chloe home at the time when she was not supposed to go home. She had it, yes had bad nights but had a great voice, I hope she will continue with her music and not let what happened get to her.

Twitter: @krappie00: RT @BassieGola: @IdolsSA I cannot blv Chloe is gone and Dominique is still in-he has more lives than a cat!#IdolsSA

@android_monster: I think President Zuma must appoint a Commission Of Inquiry to investigate how Chloe got kicked out and Dom stayed last night on #idolsSA

                                                   SA Idols Judges: Gareth - 5FM, Unathi - Metro FM/Musician & Randall - MD Universal Music

Monde – This dude, is good! Matured and knows his story, I hope he makes it far in the competition. He is a very talented individual also a great performer. Maybe loosen up a little bit, people need to know you Monde so they can vote for you.  

Twitter: @sediguavalipz: wOw!!!!! Monde is in bOttom 3 NO!!!!!!!!! #idolsSA

@tshego_basil_g: Got to start voting for Monde. How the heck did he end up in the bottom3 after such a brilliant performance? #IdolsSA
Simphiwe – I’m so glad he stopped with that signature dance move and started singing, what a great male vocalist. I remember him at his Durban audition, I was sold! I definatley can see him in the Top5, he didn’t come all the way to audition in Durban for nothing and YES, that talent, I smile every Sunday when I see that he is safe. Please work!

Twitter: @zethuzapril: Khaya simphiwe and shekie for top 3 #idolssa

@stephens_m123: Not so crazy bout Tshidi. Go Shekinah, Khaya, Simpiwe!! #IdolsSA
Khaya – Flawless, all he need to do is not to let negative comments get to him, he is a great performer and he has the voice. People expect Khaya to be over the top, sometimes you need to just sing and not always be the hit that people want you to be. Otherwise he will be overrated and become like Rihanna when he releases his album and have to always release albums every year to stay relevant. Keep it up Khaya. He is still the talk of the town and we are voting for you.

Twitter: @DJFreshSA: Khaya made up for last week.... must maintain if he is to take on my Tshidi :-) #IdolsSA

@0781041342: @Cebekhulu01 I cudnt agree more @khayamthethwa is our next #IdolsSA winner! #IKnwSo! All we can do as #TeamKhaya is Vote Vote Vote ;)
Tshidi – My angel, when she performed LIRA I was in tears, that was VERY GOOD, and then she blew my mind with Whitney, when I checked my twitter she was trending on my TL. She simply doesn’t disappoint. I hope people do vote for the right person and that is you to still be in the running to become the next SA Idol.

Twitter: @jhbstreetmag: RT @NkanyeziKubheka: I REPEAT @tshiditenyane is THE ONE RT @Bonang_M: Tshidi the QUEEN!! ♥ #IdolsSA

Facebook: Mellisa Govender i have never heard some one sing with such raw emotion!!!i cryed for your every performance tshidi,god has blessed you with an immense talent!there is only one place ur goin and that NO 1 angel!!!
Shekhinah - Some people don’t need a hit single to become relevant and to sell albums, they sell because it's them and that is Shekhinah, this girl is EVERYTHING the music industry needs right now. She stands there and sing just one line and I’m like YES, she got it. I really do wish you win this competition and if you don’t win, you do release your own material to share it with us. I can foresee Shekhinah performing in front of thousands of people, at some point I just wish you were an American and I know you would have been judged fairly. You being Shekhinah it’s something big enough to market yourself & your music and your talent is cherry on Top. All the BEST of luck.

Twitter: Still have @shekhinahd performance of #waterfalls on repeat!! This girl is gooooooooood☺ #IdolsSA #listentome

@boy2mello29: Jst voted 4 #IdolsSA_Shek do the same, ths chick is way talented!!! Chloe incl and and but no Shekhinah is the best.
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