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Miss Gay Soweto 2013 - Pictures

A lot of tears shed by contestents, so much work by the organizers and the result were as amazing! Great evening it was at the Miss Gay & Lesbian Soweto 2013 finals held at Soweto Theatre, Jabulani. So much happened and yes, as always there were talks of who should have won and who should have worn what! Even the judges at some point came into little glitches on deciding who the winners should be... The evening saw amazing support from the Queens and Kings of Club Simply Blue, which amongst them were Candice Nkosi- Miss Pride 2013, the reigning Mr. Simply Blue and the newly crowned Miss Simply Blue Brian, Inkanyiso team and other interesting people!

Here are some of the pictures from the pageant: Pictures by Zanele Muholi/Inkanyiso

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"Diva, King of Cabaret', you can give him a tittle too, Amstel Maboa aka Dramatic Diva

Besides the fact that I’ve known and met with Amstel for more than the pairs of shoes I have in my closet but still, on our interviews I always start with the question, who is Amstel Maboa, maybe it’s because I still assume that there are people that don’t know who he is? Like really now… I mean with thousand appearances on television and features on magazines and Sunday newspapers who wouldn’t, but then again, maybe I was hoping he will change a few things, especially now that he is a King of Cabaret, guess what! Nothing, still the same as the one I featured on my EXIT column early this year.
Then again, I realized… Amstel once said to me “my identity is me, not what I do, and my work is my work and that because of talent God gave me not who Amstel Maboa is” This was during those “on the go” chats we had at some point. I then realised that why does he get so emotional about being side-lined and not be where he is supposed to be as a recording artist in SA, his sexuality, which is not …


Despite the sad news that our Global icon Madiba passed on, the show must go on... The most anticipated event Miss Gay & Lesbian Soweto 2013 is about to take place, the nerves are killing the participants! Everyone is going hoo har! The glamour, fashion hits and misses tomorrow on the Red Carpet at 7pm! But the Most thing is who will be crowned the new Miss Gay & Lesbian Soweto 2013? 

The excitement is up here! High blood pressure! You name it, all in all we are so cant wait! Get your tickets at Computicket for only R100.00 and VIP. R150.00
EVENT DETAILS:  Venue: Soweto Theatre, Jabulani  Time: 19h00 for Red Carpet, 20h00 show starts  Cost: R100.00 at Computicket 
See you all there at 19h00! 
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Pull Lerato Kganyago down syndrome seems to be becoming a norm

When this gorgeous and outspoken TV Personality Lerato Kganyago was still with Soweto TV on LGK Show where she sat down out A-Listers to find out about their lives in and of the industry was definitely not on everyone's timeline! Despite the fact that she was so good that she made SABC1s Live Amp then LIVE look more like #3Talk no one really paid much attention to her... 

Could it be success, beauty or just jealousy that changed everything? I have NO idea! I mean she is HOT! Good at what she does, I still don't get it why didn't she make it to the list of You Spectacular and Feathers SA "Hot Chick of the Year" category but oh well! 

When it was announced that she will be hosting #TheLink replacing your girl B* @Bonang_M who was originally supposed to host the entertainment and lifestyle magazine show everyone hated on her, asking questions like "who is she" But hey she sat down, read that script, came to our screens and said, "Good evening Ladies and…

Bar One Manhunt Johannes Mapalakan on Ladies, being a celebrity and getting into acting

He is so HOT, smart, has the body to die for, outspoken, probably has everything a women wants in a man and he's in the spotlight. I decided to find out how has his life been after winning the most talked about SABC1s Bar One Manhunt, Ladies and Gentlemen, its Johannes Mapalakan, here is what he had to say on our conversation through Jenene Parsons of Onix Media Solutions; 

ME:How has winning Bar One Manhunt change your life?

Johan:Winning the Bar One manhunt competition really changed my life, besides having won the car of my dreams and the R 500 000. I have learned lot of things about life, how to approach it - I also learned that opportunities only knocks once and once it does you need to take it with both hands and embrace it.

ME:What was winning the competition meant to you?

Johan:Winning the competition really means a lot to me; I took the entire competition very personal. Going into the competition - had to put my wedding plans on hold. I took a huge gamble, but it all paid off…


It's always very sad when someone you know passes on, even if you don't know them personally... But the death of Nelson Mandela our hero came in as a total shock and was devastating! We all knew he will eventually die and we thought we will be ready for it, I mean, it was now due considering hes health condition...but the sad reality that just hit us all is we are not and we were never going to be ready! 

Like always, it will be twitter that will be flooded with rumours... I mean South African celebrities went on and on about him dead and some saying it a lie and some people went as far as calling @SizweDhlomo "Nolwazi" because he had tweeted saying it a misunderstanding people should chill! 

This is the twitter post that cause chaos! Where people started to attack Sizwe just after Pres. Jacob Zuma confirmed Tata's death;
14h The reports about Mandela are not true. There was a bit of a scare with his respiratory equipment at around 20:30 bu…