MEET Edwin the SAXIEST Man from Limpompo

MEET Edwin Kgoputso the SAXIEST Man from Limpompo, now taking over body building scene in JoBurg. 

Edwin Kgoputso

Body builder Motshane Edwin Kgoputso born and grew up in Limpopo, attended both primary and high school there. He finished his Matric in 2011 at age 17 then moved to Johannesburg to study. He started his first year at Wits in 2012 studying Bachelor of science in chemistry and anatomy. When he finished in 2015 he then studied Post Graduate Certificate in Education in 2016.
 Edwin is also a qualified physical science and natural science  teacher. This year, early 2017, because he is a sucker for education he started another degree in mechanical engineering which he is currently busy with. 

The saxiest body builder in JoBurg started with his body building journey in February 2015. He explains himself as always been a fitness fanatic. He used to do athletics and play soccer but since he started bodybuilding he stopped soccer and athletics.

Edwin Kgoputso

To find out more about Edwin we also had a Q&A with him, and here is what he had to say:

Q: Why did you first decide to be a body builder? 

A: I have always been an active person,i played soccer and did athletics. then in 2014 these other friends of mine started bodybuilding and at that time i would just go to gym just to run on the treadmill and cycle. then one day my friend told me " you actual have a nice body structure, you would look great if you could put muscle on those bones" because i was very skinny at that time. i just laughed it off then one day when i was at gym after my cycling session i decided to just lift weights and for that 30 minutes or one hour i had never felt so happy in my life. i literally forgot about my academic stress and life in general, i was just in the zone then from there i fell in love with gym and 2015 i started lifting full time.

Q: What was the biggest change that you experienced when you started this process?
A: The biggest change was the reaction of people towards me. it used to be hard for me to have random conversations with people because my communication skills were just bad. but ever since i started gym and making gains people warm up to me and they are actually interested in having small talks with me, so it help me with my social awkwardness and my ice breaking skills.

Q: What is the most difficult aspect while working out?

A: I don't really experience difficulties while working out. even on days where i feel lazy i just know that when i get to gym i will have the motivation and energy, i draw energy from the other people in the gym so when the gym if full i want to standout and be the most hardworking. so i would say the most difficult aspect would be working out alone in an empty gym. working out alone needs lots of discipline, dedication and focus. that's why they say "the most handwork is done when no one is watching" .

Q: ​How frequently do you work out, and what do these workouts usually entail?

A: I workout 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday  for 2 hours.  during holidays when schools are closed i workout twice a day everyday from Monday to Saturday , 2 hours every session

I workout every muscle group  for instant 

Monday:  chest and triceps 
Tuesday: Back and biceps   
Wednesday: legs and Shoulder
Thursday: Monday routine
Friday: Tuesday routine 
Saturday: Wednesday routine

I do abs  three time a week for 20 min +/- 5. the 20 min is not included in the 2 hours i mentioned above

because muscle get used to a routine and they stop growing if one does the same thing for a long time my schedule is not always like that. i try to change my workout after at least two months.

Q: What advice do you have for other people who want to lead an active and healthy lifestyle?

A: There is no better time to start than now.  most people always say "I'll start in the beginning of the year,month,week etc"  those are just excuses, my advice to the them is to just start wherever they are. they shouldn't wait because waiting is procrastination and another thing i would say is to love what they are doing. working out is hard and it is even harder if you don't enjoy what you are doing, they should also have patience because it takes time to see results so they should just keep pushing and eventually their handwork will pay out.

Q: What is on your daily menu? (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

A: My diet depends on whether i am bulking or cutting. but i eat six meals everyday. my breakfast has to have lots of fiber because it helps clean my stomach, from there throughout the day my meals will be high protein meals and carbohydrates. I try to minimize fatty food so i don't eat junk except on cheat days lol.

Q: What is it that you wish people to know about you besides being a body builder and a university graduate? 

A: I am out door person who loves adventure, I am an adrenaline junkie, i would do anything that would elevate my heart rate.   

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 Edwin Kgoputso is also signed under Kingclip artist management as one of the model. 


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