The Voice SA Season 2 finalist Tender Mavundla wishes to collaborate with Kelly Khumalo

The Voice SA Season 2 finalist Tender Mavundla wishes to collaborate with Kelly Khumalo

Tender Mavundla who have just scored herself a spot on the Top 8 of The Voice SA share with us her dream collaboration and how has the journey been like on the show. 

1.   What have been the inspiration to keep going on the competition?
The reason I’m here is because I love music and music is my life, I know nothing else. My other inspiration is my daughter Naledi, I would like her to grow up differently than how I did, not necessarily that I was bad but because I would love her to have a better life than I did. She’s my all-rounder my main purpose anything that has to do with anything keeping my head up high and keeping on  and pushing harder for anything I want to do.

2.   Have you ever felt like "this is it, I'm done?

Not in this competition, I never felt that way, there days when you not feeling well or the song is a bit too much, we have the coaches and people surrounding you that will give a chance to understand that this is just a competition you stress, so I never feel like I’m done I will never be done I will always keep pushing this is never going to be the end its another step to a right direction

3.   What have been the challenges you have faced on the show? 

The biggest challenge is the age gab, and the fact that I’m not a person who really listen to music I’m not up to date with the relevant songs and who’s trending, I’m old fashion like that, you will pick it up from the genre I perform and, even though they sometimes to select modern songs for me, its songs I sang from the pick of my age and I don’t apologize for that. The music has changed a lot but I certainly haven’t.

4.   Three things you LOVE about being on this show?

The first thing is that I’m at the hotel, I like leaving out of the suitcase and travelling and I love the hotel life. Getting out of home after being home from 2009, I felt like being home for such a long time it was swallowing me and i felt like I was giving up, being back in the city I suddenly open my eyes, I now know what I need, I feel refuelled.

5.   Given the opportunity to collaborate with one South African artist, who will it be?
At the top of my head is has to be Kelly Khumalo I would really love to work with her, Brian Themba and Robbie Malinga, I’ve met quick a few people from the genres that I’ve never really done and I know that they can push me forward
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