Chivas Regal introduces the Laduma Ngxokolo Business Talks

Chivas Regal introduces the Laduma Ngxokolo Business Talks

Press Release:

Chivas Regal and world-renowned fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo kick off a series of fashion industry-focused talks in major South African cities, all with the aim of equipping aspiring design entrepreneurs with the knowledge to think bigger than their products and circumstances.
Starting on 25 February in Port Elizabeth at the Roof Garden Bar, each full-day of Laduma Ngxokolo Design Business Talks will cover a variety of topics that Mr Ngxokolo and partner Chivas Regal believe are essential to industry success. These are:
  1. Design: smart design, innovation, how to stand out from the crowd
  2. Funding: funding methods, patrons, proposals
  3. Business management: financials, workforce, ethics, policies
  4. Sales & distribution: local and global distribution
  5. Marketing: PR, social media, product placement
  6. Legal matters: trademark, copyright, lawyers, patents, agreements, laws
  7. Trends: local and international trends
  8. Business relationships: negotiation, personal branding
According to Mr Ngxokolo, the talks are a way for him to help students and entrepreneurs become masters of their crafts; realising their dreams in design and fashion, while also serving their community.
“Social entrepreneurship is the most meaningful form of business,” he says. “It gives the businessman the opportunity to uplift and create pride within his community.”
Like many successful South African entrepreneurs, Africa’s finest knitwear designer and innovator of the Xhosa-inspired fashion house MaXhosa by Laduma is from an underprivileged background and, so, started his career with limited access to resources. Now that he has unlocked business barriers - both local and international - and gained experience in the global design industry, he wants to share all he has learned with talented, ambitious young designers and entrepreneurs from similar backgrounds. As this is the case, there are certain criteria that potential attendees must meet to be selected by Mr Ngxokolo and his team. Attendees must,
             Have an existing brand/business or credible idea
             Show passion and understanding of their specialist field  
            Be a struggling entrepreneur or at least facing business growth challenges cause by limited access to resources.
This is not the first time Chivas Regal has worked with Mr Ngxokolo. Impressed by his commitment to his Xhosa heritage, striking X-themed designs and dedication to ‘Winning the Right Way’ by only sourcing his raw materials from local suppliers, we asked him to create our 2016 limited-edition 18 Year Old packaging. The resulting design was unapologetically African: Gold XS adorned a vivid blue background, symbolising Mr Ngxokolo’s strong Xhosa and brand identity.
“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Laduma again,” says Shelly Reeves, Marketing Manager Scotch Whiskies at Chivas Regal. “In his never-ending mission to uplift those around him, he embodies the Chivas Regal value of bringing others with you as you succeed. This latest project will make it possible for Laduma to achieve his humanitarian goals, as the main objective of our partnership is to alleviate the problem of youth unemployment through the transfer of much-needed skills and information.”
Click here to keep updated on other dates and locations coming soon.
For updates on the Business of fashion workshops follow Laduma Ngxokolo on the below handles:
Instagram: Maxhosa


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